From ethnic kurti to white top: 5 popular ways to pair your denims for fall

popular ways to pair your denims

Picture this: You have to attend that morning lecture or catch that train ride, a flight you can’t miss to a casual meeting with your close friends! This fall, everything is going to be new, but every time – we girls are always on the incautious end to make an instant decision of WHAT TO WEAR! As if our closet is not enough to answer – we always run out of outfits and end up burning our cute little pockets and buying them more.

Here’s what an expert has to say, as to how we can minimise this situation by trying some of the best and most popular combinations that you can pair up with your denims. Why denims? Because no matter how much you experiment with various outfits, denim pairings will never go out of fashion.

White top with denims

With this hybrid and work from office scare, the combination of a white top with denims would definitely ease your day. Pair it up with any white top-wear – white chikkankari kurta, white off-shoulder top, white shirt or just any white T – your look just gets right when you pair it with those denims.

Brownie point: If you don’t have white to wear, then use any light color and add on a white dupatta. And that’s the early 2000s that really needs to come back in fashion, isn’t it?

Ethnic Kurta with the denim

This is the most suave-chic and comfortable outfit that stands out perfect for women of all sizes. You have your favorite ethnic to wear to go with your denims – and you are all set to attend formal and informal meetups. Pair those oxidized earrings giving it a rich-90s look, and subtle makeup, and you are going to announce your own style statement without speaking enough.

Brownie point: get those ripped, light-shaded denims.

Shoulder-Off Shoulder

Baggy shoulder tops or off-shoulder crop tops with denims are the best way to scream the GenZ fashion when it comes to streetwear. This is one of the GenZ-friendly options which millennials also won’t disown to pick.

Brownie points: Pair this look with cool shades and an optional hair scarf.

Sleeveless top with loose denims

Wearing oversized clothes is the next go-to trend, whether you pick any outfit. Try pairing up loose denim jeans with a sleeveless top. What specific fashion takeaway you get – comfort, uniqueness, and chic! This is the perfect outfit for a weekend getaway with your friends and family.

Create your Wednesday Drama: All Black!

How to create a drama: Let your fashion statement make it on its own. Pair a black overall-themed outfit, with black denims, shiny boots, with a gothic touch of makeup; you are going to leave a great impression amongst the commons for sure.

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