How world is reacting to China Covid rise: Entry restrictions, testing, tracking

covid in china

Countries across the world are implementing or considering measures to test or restrict travelers from China as Beijing abandoned its strict ‘Zero-Covid policy and is also preparing to reopen borders in early January.

China is rapidly dismantling its pandemic measures following massive protests in the country, triggering outbreaks. China’s outbreak- world’s largest- has raised concerns among public health officials worldwide as estimates showed almost 37 million people may have been infected with the virus on a single day last week.

Here’s how countries are responding to China’s Covid uptick:

United States

The US is considering new coronavirus precautions for people traveling from China amid questions about the transparency of data that Beijing is reporting about the spread of the virus, Bloomberg reported.


Japan announced steps requiring a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival soon after China said that it will no longer subject inbound travelers to quarantine from Jan. 8. Earlier this week, Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida had said that there are “great discrepancies” in information coming out of China.


Taiwan may also adjust Covid measures such as testing as it anticipates tens of thousands of people returning from the Chinese mainland for the Chinese New Year later in January.


Philippine transport secretary Jaime Bautista called for Covid measures, including testing on inbound travelers from China. “We should be very cautious because if they have a lot of Covid cases, we should be careful about Chinese visitors coming into the Philippines,” he said.


Malaysia has also imposed new tracking and surveillance measures.

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